Clockstone Studios is an unusual machine shop. We combine obsolete and cutting-edge technologies with a liberal dose of handcraft, and draw inspiration from a wide range of aesthetic and technical sources. Our founder has a background in technical theater and is no stranger to tight deadlines and tighter budgets. We’re also experienced in translating ideas and rough sketches into concrete plans and finished objects.

Whether you’ve got a dimensioned drawing and need 10 pieces turned to within .001″, have a sketch for a bracket scribbled on a cocktail napkin, or are wondering how to put together a frame for a table or bench, we’re always happy to talk through possibilities with no obligation whatsoever.

We can machine, turn, weld, and form steel, copper, brass, aluminum, plastic, and almost anything else you can imagine. Due to fire codes, we don’t have a forge, but we do have limited hot-forming capabilities.¬†Our big tools include:

Bridgeport Vertical Mill, with J-Head and 2-Axis DRO
Van Norman 16M Horizontal-Vertical Mill
Hamill Tape-Drive NC Mill, Converted to CNC control
Sheldon American 12×56″ Engine Lathe
Pratt & Whitney Model B 20×72″ Engine Lathe
Lincoln 355 Square-Wave TIG welder
Lincoln 400 MIG welder
Lincoln Pro-Cut 60 Plasma Cutter
14″ Cold Saw
Dake Johnson VH-40 Bandsaw
Edwards “Jaws IV” Hydraulic Ironworker

If you have a project in mind, or simply want to talk through some ideas, feel free to e-mail, call us at 401-484-8220, or simply stop in.